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7 Psychological Equations to Empower Your Business Mind



By Sherrie Cambell



You can either be at the effect (powerless) of your business or act as the cause (in power) of it. Your internal belief system about business is the most important predictor of success or failure. In order to train yourself toward success, undergo the emotional analysis necessary to build a sound business mind that's resilient to stress, change and uncertainty.你可以是你业务的效果(无能为力的)或作为它的原因(在能力内的)。你对商业的内在信念系统是成功或失败的最重要的预测因子。为了培养自己的成功,需要进行必要的情感分析,以建立一个适应压力、变化和不确定性的健全的商业头脑。

Here are seven psychological equations that can help empower your business mind:这里有七个心理学方程,可以有助于你商业头脑的赋予:

1. Introspection + Observation = Emotional Awareness 内省+观察=情感意识

To be introspective means to look inside and examine your thoughts and emotions. To observe is the act of taking an existential view ofyourself to better know how to function at your optimal levels of success. Thistype of self-analysis eliminates the interference of the more immature emotionswhich make you fall victim to being reactive, fearful, impulsive or indecisivein business. 内省意味着查看内部并检查你的想法和情绪。观察是对自己采取存在主义观点的行为,以更好地知道如何在你成功的最佳水平上运作。这种类型的自我分析消除了更加不成熟的情绪的干扰,这使得你成为业务中被动,恐惧,冲动或犹豫不决的受害者。

The result of self-awareneness is the brave and admirable quality of being able to think independently, which empowers you to rely exclusively on the observation of your own mental state to succeed. 自我意识的结果是能够独立思考的勇敢和令人钦佩的质量,这使得你可以完全依靠观察你自己的精神状态而迈向成功。

With self-awareness you become unafraid to be different, you embrace the uniqueness of your mind, the radicalness of your ideas and your ability to reason through change -- both positive and negative. 有了自我意识,你就会变得不在害怕自己的不同之处,你拥抱你头脑的独特性,你想法的激进和你通过改变而推论的能力– 无论是正面和负面。

2. Focus + Commitment = Advancement 专注+承诺=进步

Focus is measured by the ability to shut out distractions and place emphasis on what needs to be done in your business to progress forward. Commitment is a measure of focus. Commitment puts meaningful action behind your chosen goals without wavering in your intention. 专注通过避免分心,以及为取得进展在你的业务强调所要做的事情的能力来实现。承诺则是专注措施。承诺为您所选择的目标提供有意义的行动,且不会动摇您的意图。

Work performed deliberately, consciously and intentionally with laser-like focus is summed up in the result of knowing how to advance inbusiness. There is nothing lazy or unclear about a successful person’sintention and subsequent action. 在知道如何推进业务的结果中,总结出激光般专注的慎重、自觉和有意图的工作。一个成功者的意图和随后的行动中没有什么是懒惰的或不清楚的。

Advancement is the result of being attuned to every move and decision made in the achievement of your goals in a calculated fashion. 进步是每一次以计算方式实现目标的步骤和决定相协调的结果。

3. Honesty + Professionalism = Good Reputation 诚实+专业=好声誉

Honesty is a measure of integrity to do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it and to follow through on any delays or quicker advancements by informing all involved. False information is never given as it destroys the integrity of the business equation. 诚实是一种衡量做你说你要做的诚信的措施,当你说你要做,并通过通知所有参与人或事物,无论延误或是超前的进展都坚持到底。从来没有给出虚假信息,因为它破坏了业务方程的完整性。

Professionalismis a measure of competency and skill in your business dealings with others, and how your know-how is executed through subsequent action in a reliable way.专业性是指衡量你与他人的业务往来的能力和技能,以及如何通过采用可靠方式的后续行动来执行您的专业知识。

When honesty and professionalism are combined you naturally develop a stellar reputation. Because word of mouth is everything in business there is nothing which can supersede a great reputation. The successful understand that reputation has more value to others than their actual business. In this way, if people like and respect you they will like and respect your brand. 当诚实和专业精神相结合,你自然地发展出一个恒久的声誉。因为口碑是商业中的一切,没有什么可以取代伟大的声誉。成功的理解是,声誉对他人的价值比他们的实际业务更要多得多。利用这种方法,如果人们喜欢和尊重你,他们也会喜欢和尊重你的品牌。

To be successful you must embrace the idea that you are your most important product. 要成功,你必须接受这样的想法,你是你最重要的产品。

4. Grace + Strategy = Solutions 恩惠 + 战略 = 解决方案

Grace is a measure of staying calm under pressure. It is that fixed state of mind which seemingly carries you effortlessly through problems, obstacles and difficult negotiations in business. It is that quality when business is booming and things are flowing effortlessly, you show no ego. 恩惠是在压力下保持平静的措施。它是固定的精神状态;它似乎可以携带你毫不费力地通过商业中的问题、障碍和艰难的谈判。这即是质量,当业务蓬勃发展时,你不显露自我,事情也能不费吹灰之力。

Strategy is a measure of how you get to those higher aims in your business under the umbrella of uncertainty. Intelligent strategies must be attuned to patterns of business behavior and known ways to get to what you want. 战略是衡量你在不确定性的保护下如何实现你业务的更高目标。智能战略必须适应商业行为模式,以及已知的方式来达到你想要的。

Desperation kills strategy and eliminates solutions. 绝望会杀死战略,也会消弭解决方案。

When you have the business mind to approach uncertainty with grace and an awareness of what actions need to be applied to gain solid ground, solutions and success are your result. 当你具备商业头脑用优雅和意识来处理不确定性并采取行动以获得坚实基础和解决方案。然后成功就是你的结果。

5. Belief + Action = Fearlessness 信念+行动=勇敢

A sound business mind comes from believing in yourself, your purpose and the direction of your business pursuits. Belief is similar to commitment in that belief slices away all meandering. 健全的商业头脑源于对自我、目标和业务所追求的方向的信念。信念类似于承诺,因为信念切断了所有的曲折。

Firm belief is the great manager of the enemies of doubt and delay. The only time to delay inbusiness is when delay is used as a strategy to obtain the desired goal, and in that case delay would be a measure of patience. 坚定的信念是对抗怀疑和延误的伟大经理。唯一延误商业的时候是,延误被用来作为获得预期目标的策略。在这种情况下,延迟将是耐心的衡量标准。

When delay is coming from doubt it is deadly to your success.当延迟来自怀疑对你的成功来说是致命的。

There is no result without action. Action can be summed up as the courage to create measurable movement towards a goal. It is the outward expression of your belief. For actions to be bold beliefs must be strong and determined. This is fearlessness.没有行动就没有结果。行动可以总结为创建朝向一个目标的可测量步骤的勇气。它是你信仰的外在表达。为了勇敢的行动,信念必须是强烈的和坚定的。这就是无畏。

Fearlessness inbusiness is your greatest asset.商业中的勇敢是你最大的财富。

6. Attention + This Moment = Mindfulness 注意力+当下时刻=正念

To be highlysuccessful, bring your full attention to all business situations andcircumstances. To be the cause of your success, give attention to listening,  observing and to the gathering of pertinentinformation before forming opinions and making decisions.为了获得高度成功,请充分注意所有业务情况和环境。要使之成为你成功的原因,在形成意见和作出决定之前,注意倾听、观察和收集相关信息。

All parts of a business require attention and to be great you must have the mind to never leave any part of your business neglected.业务的所有部分都需要注意力,如要变得伟大,你必须有永远不让你业务的任何部分被忽视的头脑。

This moment is the moment you have to maximize. To be the cause of your destiny have the mind to understand that what happens now determines what happens tomorrow. With focused attention to the present moment you create the impermeable psychological state of being in touch with all aspects of your business. 当下是你必须最大化的时刻。为了你命运的原因,心里想明白,现在发生的事情将会决定明天所发生的事情。集中注意于当前的时刻,你便创造了与你业务所有方面都有接触的不可渗透的心理状态。

When fully present and mindful in your business, you are nearly unstoppable.当你完全出席并关注于你的业务,你几乎是不可阻挡的。

7. People skills + Knowledge = Leadership 技能+知识=领导

At its core, business is all about relationships. To be successful, master the art of charting your own path, while being open to listening and developing relationships which are mutually beneficial and based in integrity, at the same time. Further, to lead a team effectively you have to be someone others are inspired to follow. 在其核心位置,业务就是关系。要成功就要掌握制定你自己道路的艺术,同时开放倾听和发展互利以及基于诚实的关系。此外,要有效地领导一个团队,你必须是别人受到启发而遵循的人。

To have a sound business mind, be a bundantly knowledgeable in your field. Never hold the belief that you know enough. For you to be the cause of your success there is no such thing as enough knowledge. Knowledge is power. With knowledge you become smart to every new trend in your field, you consistently educate yourself, and choose to be ahead of the game.如要有一个健全的商业头脑,就要在你的领域拥有丰富的知识。不要坚持你已经知道的信念。因为你即是你成功的原因,再没有如足够知识这样的事物。知识就是力量。拥有知识,你会在你领域的每一个新趋势面前变得聪慧,你一直教育自己,并选择比赛中领先。

Knowledge coupled with proficient people skills builds you into an unrelenting and inspiring leader. This allows you the opportunity to educate all those you lead, and the opportunity to lead all of those whom you partner with in business.与精通人力技能结合的知识会使你成为一个不懈的和鼓舞人心的领导。这使您有机会教育所有的领导者,并有机会在业务上领导所有的合作伙伴。


7 Characteristics of Exceptional Business Professionals


By Sherrie Cambell


Standout business professionals are resilient. They overcome challenges by developing the wisdom needed to surmount all the traumas, stress, shifts in responsibility and change the business world sends their way.杰出的商业专业人员具有弹性。他们通过发展智慧来克服挑战,克服所有的创伤、压力、责任转变和商业世界的改变。

Here are seven qualities these exceptional businessprofessionals possess:这些特殊的商业专业人士拥有七个品质:

1. Self-respect 自尊

Powerful businessmen and -women do not count on others for their sense of self-worth, drive for success or personal or business satisfaction. These people soothe themselves when life and business get tough and continue to operate with a sense of composure. 强大的商人不指望他人赋予自我价值感、成功驱动力或个人/商业满意度。这些人在生活和商业变得艰难时舒缓自己,并继续以镇静的感觉运作。

When business isstressful and challenging, these standouts tap into their strength and pliability and continue forward with the faith that all things will work out in their favor. That's because they deeply believe in their value and worth, their goals and the importance of the business mission. 在商业面临压力和挑战时,这些人会利用他们的力量和柔韧性脱颖而出,并以一切的事情将有利于他们工作的信念继续向前。这是因为他们深深地相信他们的评估和价值、他们的目标、以及商业使命的重要性。

2. Self-control. 自我控制

Exceptional business professionals are internally driven, confident and in control of their emotions. They're not needy, desperate or overly reactive. They view a rejection as providing direction toward a new and even better opportunity. They don’t get down when challenged. They rise up.卓越的商业专业人士是内部驱动的、自信的和情绪受控的。他们不是贫困者、绝望者或者过度反应者。他们认为拒绝实际是在提供一个新的甚至更好机会的方向。当受到挑战时,他们不会下来。他们会站出来。

These super achievers don't depend on others for resources. They are passionate about their business goals and deliberate in their pursuit of a larger purpose. They are completely committed to living their personal legend don't let outside influences deter them from their focus.这些超级成功者不依赖别人以获得资源。他们热衷于他们的商业目标,并蓄意追求更大的目标。他们完全致力于生活在他们的个人传说之中,不要让外部的影响阻止他们的关注点。

And exceptional business pros view risk as rewarding -- as something that provokes the expansion of their business aspirations. They're not afraid of failure and don't fear success. They welcome and celebrate the results of their efforts, taking great pride and joy in their journey, not just their destination. It's their joy that drives their resilience to keep expanding and pressing forward in business.而卓越的商业人士认为风险是有益的,因为它激发了他们的业务愿景的扩张。他们不害怕失败,也不惧怕成功。他们欢迎并庆祝他们努力的结果,在他们的旅程中,这不仅仅是他们的目的地,他们为他们的旅程感到非常的自豪和快乐。提高他们的韧性,以及不断扩大和推进业务,这才是他们的快乐之处。

3. Discernment 洞察力

Great businessprofessionals are discerning about the company they keep and whom they chooseto work for. They're aware that negativity is drama producing and are mindfulabout whom they surround themselves with. 伟大的商业专业人士对他们所维护的公司和他们选择工作的公司保持着很强的洞察力。他们知道消极性是戏剧化的产物,并留心于围绕在他们周围的人。

They secure mutually beneficial business and personal relationships, understanding that without such arrangements, nothing productive can be gained over the long term. Their personal relationship choices are important to them as they're mindful that a dearth of personal happiness dilutes their energy for business pursuits. 他们确保互惠互利的商业和人事关系,并明白没有这种安排,就不能获得任何长期成果。他们人事关系的选择对他们很重要,因为他们注意到个人幸福的缺乏会稀释他们商业追求上的能量。

4. Class 阶层

Powerful business professionals understand that less is more. Hard work is vital to their persona. They let humility lead the way so that their success, not their mouth, does the talking. These individuals know that intelligence, speech, style and posture are all subtle ways to communicate their worth. They take care to be well-spoken, elegant, graceful, charismatic and social. Their demeanor is quietly infectious. 强大的商业专业人士清楚“越少越多”的道理。艰苦的工作对他们的角色而言至关重要。他们让谦卑引领道路,以便用他们的成功说话,而不是凭借他们的嘴。这些人知道,智力、言语、风格和姿态都在惟妙惟肖的传达自己价值的方式。他们注重语言得体、简洁,优雅,富有魅力和社交。他们的风度是不言的传播者。

When powerful businessmen and -women are present, their understated qualities make them standout and shine. They are wise in understanding that confidence doesn’t need attention; it draws attention.当强大的商人在场时,他们低调的品质使他们脱颖而出。他们是明智的,他们清楚信心不需要注意; 它吸引注意。

5. Caring 关怀。

Powerful businesspeople do whatever it takes to rise in the morning to feed and nurture their children, pets, partners, career and themselves. No matter the pain present in their lives, these great professionals continue to work hard to support those who depend upon them – from family to employees. 强大的商人会很早就开始做任何它需要做的事情以喂养和培育他们的孩子、宠物、合作伙伴、事业和自己。无论他们生活怎么痛苦,这些伟大的专业人士都会继续努力,以支持那些依赖他们的人 - 从家庭到雇员。

Nurturing what they're passionate about is part of who they are at their core. And this makes them great leaders and providers -- individuals whom others want to work with and for. 培育他们所热爱的是他们处事核心的一部分。这使他们成为伟大的领导者和供给者 - 其他人想要与之合作的个人。

6. Toughness 韧性。

Powerful businesspeople are shrewd, focused and determined. They keep their efforts focused on their goals regardless of the distance required to travel to fulfill them. Reinventing themselves is part of their DNA. 强大的商人是精明的、专注的和坚定的。他们保持他们的努力集中于他们的目标,而不管所需的旅行距离来充实他们。重塑自己是他们DNA的一部分。

They're aware that they can pull from where they don’t have if put to the test in high-pressure situations. They feel stress just like anyone else but tough-minded business professionals never quit.他们知道,如果在高压情况下进行测试,他们可以从他们没有的地方拉过来。他们和别人一样感受到压力,但坚强的商业专业人士从未退出过。

7. A focus on others 关注别人。

Exceptional business professionals see the good in other people. They value intelligence and character displayed by others and perceive them as interesting people to learn and grow from. Successful businesspeoples don't need all the attention focused on them because they enjoy celebrating the accomplishments of others as much as they love their own.卓越的商业专业人士看得到别人的好。他们重视他人所显示的智力和性格,并将他们视为值得关注的人来学习和借力成长。成功的商人不需要所有的注意力都集中在他们身上,因为他们喜欢庆祝他人的成就,就像他们喜欢自己的成就一样。

These achievers are aware that in life and business, there's always enough (love, money, success and passion) for everyone and believing otherwise only blocks opportunity. Therefore, they are not jealous and don't sabotage others' success. Instead they often compliment others and are smart about genuinely making people feel valuable.这些成功者意识到,在生活和商业中,对每个人一直要有足够的(爱,金钱,成功和激情),否则只会阻碍机会。因此,他们不嫉妒,不破坏他人的成功。相反,他们经常恭维别人,聪明地说,真正让人们感到有价值。

Resilient businesspeople feel things deeply, love fiercely and are willing to work tirelessly. They embrace their emotions without letting them hold them back. Standout business professionals are humble and powerful, practical and passionate -- genuine with exceptional character. They pursue with integrity the goal of being the best in their business and don't give up until they get there.富有弹性的商人深深地感受到,强烈的爱,不懈工作的意愿。他们拥抱他们的情绪,且不让情绪拥抱他们。卓越的商业专业人士是谦虚和强大的,实际而充满激情 - 真正具有卓越的性格。他们诚挚地追求成为自己业务圈最佳的目标,永不放弃,直到他们到达那里。


9 Ways to Show More confidence inBusiness


By JacquelineWhitmore


Many entrepreneurs share specific qualities that are vital for starting and growing a business. They are passionate, resilient, focused onopportunities and comfortable with risks. But the quality that might have themost influence over an entrepreneur’s success is confidence.许多企业家分享对于创业和业务发展至关重要的特定品质。他们富有激情,适应力强,专注于机会和对风险有舒适感。但是对企业家成功最有影响力的是信心。

If you want to achieve great success, youmust believe that you are worthy. Here are some helpful hints for boosting yourconfidence in yourself and your business.如果你想取得巨大的成功,你必须相信你是配得上的。这里有一些有用的提示,提高你对自己和自己业务的信心。

1. Package yourself for success.为成功包装自我。

When you look the part, you’ll carry yourself with more confidence. Dressing well communicates to others that you are knowledgeable, powerful and competent. When choosing clothing, remember to dress for the occasion and your client’s emotional comfort. Before any meeting with an important client, research his company’s image, office environment and internal values.当你看上去像那种人,你就会有更多的自信。适宜的着装在告知别人你是知识渊博的、强大的和能干的。当选择服装时,请记得为这个场合穿衣,以及让你的客户感受到情感上的舒适。在与重要客户会面之前,研究其公司的形象、办公环境和内部价值观。

2. Correct your posture 纠正你的姿势。

If your work requires you to sit in front of a desk for most of the day, chances are your posture has suffered. Don’t slouch when meeting with clients, customers or colleagues. Poor posture may make you appear insecure, lazy or disinterested. Try to make a conscious effort to roll your shoulders back and elongate your spine. Keep your head in a neutral position with your chin slightly raised.如果你的工作需要你在每天的大部分时间都坐在桌子前面,你的姿势很可能已经遭受了损伤。在与顾客,客户或同事会面时不要怠惰。可怜的姿势可能会使你显得不安全、懒惰或冷漠。尝试做一个有意识的努力,收回你的肩膀,舒展你的脊椎。保持头部在中立位置,并稍微抬起你的下巴。

3. Do your best and worry less 尽你所能,减少担心。

Entrepreneurs who lack self-assurance often stress about what others might think about them. Negative self-talk can quickly make you feel as though others are evaluating every error and misstep you make. Focus on all the things you do well and hire other experts to take care of the rest.缺乏自信的企业家经常强调他人对他们的想法。消极的自我聊天可以迅速让你感觉像是别人在评估自己的每一个错误。专注于所有你做得很好的事情,雇佣其他专家以关注其他部分。

4. Focus on the future.关注未来。

If you find yourself being caught up in the minutiae of daily business, remind yourself to think about your dreams for the future. If you take a few minutes to focus on your goals, you’ll be able to refocus on what’s most important to you and your business. 如果你发现自己陷入日常业务的细节,提醒自己去想想你的未来的梦想。 如果您花费几分钟时间专注于自己的目标,就可以重点关注于你和你业务中最重要的事情。

5. Embrace positivity 拥抱积极性。

We’re bombarded with negativity all day, every day. To counteract the negative energy around you --from what's conveyed in the daily news to the comments of grumpy colleagues -- fill your mind with positive thoughts. Show gratitude for small acts of kindness and be appreciative of those around you. If you make it a habit to be positive and grateful, it will become second nature.我们每天都要面对消极面的轰炸。为了抵消你周围的负面能量 - 从每日新闻中传递的内容到脾气暴躁同事的评论 - 用积极的想法填充你的头脑。对小的善良行为表示感谢,并感激你周围的人。如果你养成为一个积极和感激的习惯,它将成为第二特性。

6. Let go of small mistakes 放开小错误。

Everyone makes mistakes so don’t expect to be perfect or you’ll drive yourself crazy. Try not to dwell on small errors. If you make a mistake with a client, don’t obsess over what you might have done wrong. Instead, take responsibility. Apologize, fix the mistake as soon as possible and move forward. 每个人都犯错误,所以不要期望完美,否则你会让自己疯狂。尽量不要停留在小错误上。如果你与客户出了错误,不要为你可能做错了而困扰。相反,承担责任。道歉,尽快解决错误,并向前迈进。

7. Continue to grow and improve 继续成长和提高。

A small accomplishment can help boost your confidence, even if it’s not entirely related to your business. Learn a new skill, take a class at a local university or read a book on a subject that interests you. If you’d like to excel at something specific such as playing golf or public speaking, invest in yourself and take lessons. 一个小的成就可以帮助你提高信心,即使它不完全与你的业务相关。学习新技能,在当地大学上课或读一本对主题感兴趣的书。如果你想在一些特定的事情,如打高尔夫球或公开演讲,投资自己和参加课程。

8. Schedule time to play 安排娱乐时间。

If you put in 60 to 80 hours of work every week and never take time to rest, you’ll eventually push yourself toward burnout and sheer exhaustion. Make sure you set aside time to do the things you love in life. Escort your child or dog to the park, take walks during your lunch break or participate in an exercise class at a local gym. If you invest time in your hobbies, friends and family, you’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to conquer your next challenge. 如果你每周进行60到80小时的工作,从来没有时间休息,你最终会自己走向倦怠和疲惫。确保你留出时间做生活中你喜欢的事情。护送您的孩子或狗到公园,在午休时散步或参加当地健身房的运动课。如果你花更多的时间在你的爱好、朋友和家人上面,你会感到振奋,并准备好迎接下一个挑战。

9. Don't be afraid to ask for advice 不要害怕要求建议。

Whenever you find yourself in an epic struggle against self-doubt, call a trusted friend, advisor or colleague and get his or her best advice. Often an objective opinion will help you look at life differently, overcome your challenges and transform your attitude.每当你发现自己与自我怀疑做史诗般的斗争,请叫一个信任的朋友、顾问或同事,以获得他或她的最好建议。通常客观的意见将帮助你换个角度看待生活,进而克服你的挑战,以及改变你的态度。